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How to Write the Introduction in Research Paper and What is it about?

Before giving tips on how to write an introduction to a research paper it should be explained and defined what you have to write about. Chiefly, it is a paragraph that opens an academic essay. Its main goal is attracting the attention of readers and making them wish to read all the paper from title-page to colophon.

How to Write an Introduction for a Research Paper: Intriguing Opening Paragraph is a Must

When you are working on the introduction for your work of scholarship there are three things which are required from you, the fourth one is optional. So, here they are:

  • Attracting attention – put something intriguing and surprising at the beginning. Why is your research interesting and worth reading?
  • Enlisting the respect and trust. Why should be the author trusted?
  • Characterizing the plus point of your piece of writing. Why read it?
  • Defining the research paper structure in a few words, so that some topics would not be unexpectedness to the one who is going to read it.

We would like to provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to write the introduction for your research paper. Do you have any ideas about what your research paper is going to be about? Not yet? Then it is the first thing you should do.

Specifying the Topic is the First Step to the Success

Of course, none can start working on his or her assignment if he or she does not know what it is intending to be about. A student can't write a word unless he has not looked at and chosen the topic which would correspond to the featured domain of study most of all. Another thing that matters is the perspective from which the author sees the topic. Begin by introducing the main idea. First of all, make up a title and only then move to the rest of your work. We recommend to paraphrase the title and make it sound a little bit different from the topic to intrigue your reader.

Step-by-Step Order of Writing the Introduction of Research Paper

There is a definite structure of the parts of an introduction that should comply with a research paper. The most important one is having a good title that perfectly suits and reflects the chosen topic. What to do to select a good one? First of all, you should take into account a few factors when making a selection of a perfect topic. Above all, try to choose an actual one and center around problematic aspects which might present interest in your research. In the next place, it should be somewhere in the middle between too narrow and too wide. Pay special attention to the fact whether you will be able to investigate to the fullest and find a complete answer to the problem stated in the introduction.

Choosing the Topic and Heading Ideas

Most students usually face difficulty at the most important stage -choosing the topic of academic writing. Not all the students are so lucky to be presented with a list of potential topics by their teachers. We recommend to follow the ground rules for choosing the appropriate topic:

- Take into Account Reference Data on the Topic

Your first step should be reducing the background information to a minimum. The introduction of a piece of scholarship should not contain any specific details. If a writer's intention is using entangled phrasing in the main part, he or she should give a clear stand of them and point out how they are connected with the matter.

- Review the Literature for Stating Valuable Opinion

Only the student's point of view and skills are not enough for developing a high-quality academic project. It is a must for a to overlook the respective literature where he will find a way to come at the proof and evidence of his/her statements. So a task of every student on this stage is a deep library or online literature investigation. What is the sense of doing it? It is collecting the works of those who were involved in the specific area of interest, retrieving some quotations to put in the test, and developing concerning remarks in the end. Remember to reflect in the introduction of what the literature was about and what was its role in investigating the chosen topic.

- Turn in Head Reasoning and Hook

Short-spoken and accurate – these are the main characteristics of the reasoning of the work. It is mostly used for providing a reader with pabulum for reflection pointing out how significant and important the investigated subject is. The hook sentence is used for drawing the attention of the target reading audience. The importance of these two elements is significant. There are a few methods of writing a hook sentence in the research work. You can use the:

  • Allegorism
  • Comparison of metaphoric expression
  • Humorous anecdote or story
  • Quote of a well-known person
  • Interrogation
  • A fact or statistics

Selecting one of these ways will help you to make a really attention-getting and hooking introduction to a research paper. Keep in your head that the single path of being efficacious in this area is by writing a really interesting and original introduction.

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Identifying a Research Paper Talking Point in the Introduction

Another important part of every research essay introduction is its talking point or so-called thesis statement. The perfect time to work on it is in the beginning. Taking into account the thesis a student draughts the sources which will be used as a support of the related arguments. The thesis is a kind of base of the whole research paper. If you want your thesis to deserve the teacher's attention you should avoid it to be evident, banal, and all-round. For example, if you write the following one your teacher won't be happy and satisfied with it for sure:

“It is well-known that downloading films online and not paying for that is a bad thing to do and it is highly recommended to avoid doing it.”

Which thesis will be a strong one and will really work? The one which deals with critical problems and is connected to both interesting and up to date topics. For example, the problem of illegal file downloading is really acute and the government faces a lot of difficulties struggling with it.

“Every time you download and watch a film or listen to a song without paying for it the work of an artist got left out of the account and he remains unknown and unrecognized. Due to these illegal steps industries lose their money which may be really harmful to the general condition of the country economics.”

Does it sound better? Definitely yes!

Using Transitional Words and Phrases When Constructing Bridges

Try to pay special attention to a transition phase. Its main task is the smooth transition of the one who reads it to the further part and component of the piece of work – its body. The common beginning of the body is stating the methodology. At the transition phase, a reader is explained that he will be faced with a complete list of the applied equipment and tools as proof of the soundness of the piece of study.

Worthy Examples of Perfect Topics for Research Paper Introduction

As far as we’re aware to work on something if someone shows you how to do it in a proper and reliable way is much faster and easier. So we would like to provide you with a really convincing example of the introduction to a research paper on fattiness in children:

“Study carried out by Nanci (12b) showed that more than one-third of American children suffer from obesity. The word which has only 7 letters is at the same time one of the most severe and serious problems in the United States. Every problem has its own solution. We have done our best to make an analysis of the cause and consequence of fattiness in children and provide a few helpful solutions in the essay.”

Another important and urgent problem is global warming. And here is the introduction sample for you that will be really helpful when writing an intro for a research paper.

“Is global warming a serious problem that really exists or was it just artificially made up to frighten people? Unfortunately, it is a real one and the whole planet faces it. The task of modern society is to cope with it otherwise hundreds and thousands of different species of plants and animals might die and the Earth itself might be ruined. It is often called the greenhouse effect. Due to the deficit of advancement and government involvement, a lot of people are not in the know the threats that exist. We have proved in the essay that it is high time to introduce all the issues connected to global warming to all our society as soon as it is not too late.”

These examples are still not enough? Then get one more example of an introduction for a research paper! This one reviews such an important topic as a death penalty. And here special attention should be paid to the writing style.

“Do you know that the death penalty was already once restricted for 4 years? The reason for that was that this kind of death penalty was considered to be ineffective, illegal, immoral in the 197os. This topic is a matter of argument in the US. Those who are for it believe that it is the best way of the administration of justice towards those committing the severest and awfullest crimes, for example raping or murdering someone. On the other hand, there are a lot of those who consider it to be subhuman. My study proves that the penalty which is as old as the civilization itself should be a must-have penal measure in each society.”

Making an Effective Introduction: Key Points

There are some points that every student has to remember when writing a really effective introduction for his or her research paper. Try to have regard to the following:

- Size and volume of work. Each and every student has to think about this point. The first thing a student's tutor will do is taking into account the size and scope of work before he or she will make a decision whether to read it from the beginning till the end or not. If an introduction is too long a tutor probably will refuse from reading it and wasting his or her time. Your main task is simply specifying and identification of the problem, explaining its urgency, pointing out the target of the study, and defining a talking point. That's everything you have to do at this stage!

- When composing an introduction to a scholarly paper try to be logical. You have only several sentences for stating the key ideas thanks to which the opening paragraph will seem to be really impressive. Do your best to connect the ideas in the most logical way. Remember that your task is making your core audience understand what was achieved by you during the process of study and why the matter needed and deserved a very thoughtful analysis.

- Work on your introduction to a scholarly paper at the final stage. At first, start writing and working on the body of the text where you have to figure out the main arguments (not less than 3) and make that summarizing in the introduction to your research paper. Doing things this way will help a writer to understand the direction to move on. If you want a writing process to go and flow smoothly be sure to make the shallow investigation and analyze the sources which you chose as primary and secondary ones.

- Find out as much as possible about the previous studies conducted on the topic which you chose. Your next step is the identification of the newest advancement versus including a history.

Every student has to write dozens of research papers over the period of his study, so he or she definitely needs to know how to make a worthy introduction for a scholarly paper and writing projects he or she is going to undertake in the future. So maybe it is reasonable to look for and ask professionals for help in this area if you understand that it is not your cup of tea to write and edit papers. Have no scruples about collecting online examples of the best introductions to a scholarly paper for free and become adept at the mastery and skills of academic writing!

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