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Discover How to Write a Conclusion for a Research Paper Right Now

The conclusion is an inherent part of every scholarly work and it inherently depends on this type of work. The main difference of a research paper from a typical essay is its length. Usually, it's much longer than the last one, so respectively the length of a conclusion for a scholarly work should also surpass 1 page – that's about 275 words. When writing a conclusion remember to keep up with one of the styles which are required for use – MLA, Chicago, etc. The most commonly used format when writing a research paper is an APA. So, it's better to perform every part of your work, along with the conclusion, following the principles of the mentioned style.

Most students usually consider the introduction to be the main and the most important component of the work of scholarship, but you should keep in mind that in most cases your final grade depends mostly on the conclusion. So be sensible of the reality that it is a veritably significant part of your work. Taking into account such great importance of the conclusion for your final grade we are going to scan the main methods of completing a perfect last paragraph of your paper.

Mention a Thesis Statement

Do not forget to provide your thesis statements when finishing the conclusion. Remember that there is a requirement to place a great deal of focus on your thesis statements in both the end and the beginning of your research paper. While in the case with the introduction part you should enunciate it in the last statement. In the case with the closing paragraph, it should be mentioned at the very beginning as a reminder to a reader what all this paper is about. Keep in mind that you have to reword the thesis. Also, try to follow the next useful tips:

  • try not to waste too much space when rewording the topic. The key sentence of the last paragraph should be the same size as it is at the beginning. That is trying to avoid meaningless blather.
  • if your academic paper is good enough and is proved with some strong points avoid repeated explanations of every point again and again. A short synopsis of the content and ideas of each para is quite enough.
  • in case of performing a scholarly work in accounting, you might restate the message in conclusion in the following way: “The main goal of appropriate accounting research is handling issues thereto related working and sound sharing of resources.”
  • in case of working on the essay in the field of medical science and nursing care, you might reword the thesis in the last part in this way: “The key skills and qualities of a good ophthalmic manager are the ability to manage all kinds of services and sales.”

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The Point is in Using Effective Appeal for an Action

That would be great if you can use an appeal for action or so-called CTA marketing tool in developing a high-quality final part of your research paper. For that, you need to possess the understanding of using it in your piece of work in a proper way. Let's be clear that CTA provides the facts that there is much more to get to know and appeals to a reader for action. Bear in mind that your task is to motivate a reader only in the case if you understand that your own ideas are rather conflicting or need stronger evidence and proof. As soon as you know how to use perfectly the mastery of writing CTAs you have a great chance to turn into an auspicious person in sales sooner or later.

Allow your professor to be able to find out more about the specific topic! Appeal for action might be called an additional option of your research paper conclusion. Keep in mind that it mostly depends on the type of project you are working on. Of course, if it is a critical literary practice or a review there is the absence of necessity in providing it with CTA posts.

At the same time if it is the research on the effect of distilled products on our body it is almost a must to include this method into the last part of your work.

If you are talking about social needs and social problems it will be a great benefit for your paper if you use the CTA technique in it. By inspiring people to put more into charity or volunteer you can bring more inspiration and persuasion into your conclusion and work itself.

A question or a brief suggestion may be put last. Even so, specialists say that it is better to abscond from using questions in your conclusions.

Other Valuable Tips

For the moment you are aware of how to perform a worthy conclusion for a research paper. But there are some more tips and hints we would like to note and take into account. First of all, remember not to use third-rate phrases at the beginning of your conclusion “Finally...” or “In one word...” Also, try not to make a difference in the entire nature and temper of your paper. Your voice should be the same in all parts of your paper.

One of the most important recommendations is not to write illogical things. You have to be 100% sure that the conclusion relates to every component of the article. A brilliant recommendation is to begin every para with the freshest idea of the one which was just before it. When it comes to the conclusion remember to present every point that was mentioned in each article paragraph.

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