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All Important Information in Our To Kill a Mockingbird Summary

July 11, 2020

There are certain world literary masterpieces that every person has probably encountered, regardless of the type of activity. The book, donated to mankind by American writer Harper Lee, refers to such works. It raises many important issues and aspects that continue to live today. We will talk about the most interesting features and phenomena associated with this book.

Read the Wonderful To Kill a Mockingbird Summary

Probably, each of us dreamed of creating a great literary novel that could cause a wide public outcry and take root in world culture for many decades. Alabama-native Harper Lee managed to do this. Her debut novel entitled To Kill a Mockingbird was born in 1960. From the very first moments of its existence, the work was able to win the hearts of readers. Among other things, this book became the winner of the Pulitzer Prize. The action takes place in Maycomb, Alabama, in the 1930s, when the world was shrouded in the Great Depression.

Let’s Start From Characters

First of all, it is necessary to provide a brief description of the protagonist, who is six-year-old Jean Louise Finch, known as Scout. The narrative is on behalf of this adventure-loving girl. Also, in the process of reading, you can meet other family members like brother Jem Finch, who is four years older and a father named Atticus Finch. He is a highly qualified specialist in jurisprudence that indicates a good level of family wealth. Another fact that should be emphasized is that the father is a widower. In general, the Finches are a kind of embodiment of virtue.

The head of another family that also appears in our To Kill a Mockingbird summary is Bob Ewell. Actually, he is a complete opposite of Atticus Finch that was mentioned in the previous paragraph. The key features associated with this family are poverty, drunkenness, and hatred. Mayella Ewell is a daughter of Bob, while history in many places intersects with black field hand Tom Robinson. Also, worth noting is Arthur ‘Boo’ Radley, who lives in seclusion in a spooky estate next to the Finch family. Despite the feeling of the presence of this character, his appearance is extremely rare.

Some Information About the Structure of the Novel

It seems that there is a feature dividing the work into two parts. A woman who is eager to share her story saturates To Kill a mockingbird summary with many different shades. This book is closely intertwined as children’s immediacy and adult perception of the problem. Perhaps, the task of the novel is to explain good and bad deeds. The author talks about the need to maintain humanity without resorting to condemning others. Of particular importance is the ability to reason, which helps in the accumulation of wisdom. Do not forget that the work is based on the real-life events of Harper Lee. Thanks to the excellent manner of narration, the book is perceived very easily.

If We Talk About Part Two

The plot briefly depicts the following events with the participation of the main characters:

  • the indictment of a Negro man named Tom Robinson for raping Mayella Ewell;
  • the appointment of Atticus as his defender in court;
  • Finch’s relationship problem with both relatives and residents who are convinced of Thomas’s guilt;
  • the desire of many angry men to lynch Robinson;
  • Scout, Dill, and Jem, who convince them to abandon this idea.

Despite the fact that Finch opposes the presence of children, the latter nevertheless fall into meetings watching what is happening from a special “colored balcony.” Soon, a series of evidence emerges that belongs to Atticus and demonstrates the untruthful nature of the charges brought against Tom. However, these facts are not enough, and white-skinned jurors confirm Robinson’s guilt.

Subsequently, Tom makes a desperate attempt to escape from prison, which ends with his murder. This event throws Jem, Atticus, and the children into shock, making them doubt the faith.

Although the case ended with the victory of Bob Ewell, in his opinion, Finch’s actions are aimed at destroying his authority, which enrages the man and makes him commit a series of acts, including spitting on Atticus’s face, threatening Robinson’s wife, invading Judge Taylor’s house and attacking Scout and Jem. Thanks to the celebration of Halloween and the costume, the girl is able to avoid injuries. However, Jem’s arm is broken. Unknown rescues children and brings them home where it becomes known that this person is Arthur “Boo” Radley.

The next stage is the arrival of the sheriff discovers that killed Bob. He, along with Atticus, dwells on the version, according to which the death of Ewell is accidental.

Jean Louise Finch and Arthur “Boo” Radley reach to the house of the latter. Then come farewell and parting. With thoughts of a man’s worldview, Scout returns home. After spending some time in Jem’s room, she, like her father, goes to bed.

This world masterpiece reveals the problem of racial discrimination, various prejudices, and actions that a person is ready to decide in an emergency. The reader can observe the course of events related to the assertion of the rights of an innocent person on the one hand and a despised black man on the other. At the risk of his own reputation, Atticus Finch enters into a confrontation with public opinion in which his children are soon involved. The latter are forced to suffer because of the activities of their father and make adult decisions.

A Few Writing Recommendations

In addition to the general state of things, this To Kill a mockingbird summary aims to provide a number of tips for creating a variety of academic works. Heroes’ stories can be vivid examples in the context of a particular topic. In fact, your paper can both be based on the analysis of this work and refer to it. Nevertheless, the following tips will be useful in any case.

  • Carefully read the life path of each character. This will help you with arguments and great examples.
  • Don’t forget that the novel is based on real events. For this reason, getting acquainted with the author’s life story will clearly not be superfluous, allowing you to interweave the plot of the book with the real situation.
  • Pay attention to the film adaptations and modern interpretations of the work. These facts indicate the life expectancy of history.
  • Be literate. This rule is relevant while performing any task, regardless of its type and context. Make use of quotations correctly. Remember that the finished paper should, first of all, be liked by you.

Most Interesting Ideas For Future Paper

In fact, the possible tasks associated with this novel cover a wide range of options, ranging from reviews and continuing to uncover the phenomenon of racism. Below we highlighted some of them.

  • The relevance of studying Harper Lee’s work.
  • A variety of reinterpretations of the work.
  • The relationship of bodily manifestations in the text of the novel with the process of the social formation of the main character.
  • Intertextual inclusions and methods of their transfer during translation.
  • Diverse approaches to the racial problem in the creative heritage of Harper Lee.
  • The meaning of life through the eyes of a child in a novel.
  • Coloristic vocabulary of the book.
  • Reconstruction of American realities through bestseller by Harper Lee.
  • The motive of gender inequality in the novel.
  • Features of a retrospective narrative on the example of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Check Out Our Paper

We suggest you read the finished review of this novel, which may also apply to the type of academic assignments.

Our world is simply overflowing with the number of books. Some carry a certain meaning, while others have only water and, roughly speaking, nonsense. However, if we talk about this novel, then it can be attributed to books, teaching, bearing their design in every word and line.

It would seem that the author tells the story of the life of a little girl whose story in the book begins with 4 years. Jean Louise Finch – that’s the name of the girl – lives in the small town of Maycomb, Alabama. She does not remember her mother, but brother Jem and father Atticus are always next to her.

As you see, there is nothing particularly serious, childhood as childhood. But there is one thing but… The world is not shown by the eyes of a child by chance. We see all the problems and difficulties of life in this work through the prism of a child. Many people think that children do not care about the problems of racism, the relationship between adults and situations of a moral nature; however, it is not so. Harper Lee showed us the experiences of children during the trial of Tom Robinson, the fear for the life of a loved one (in their case, the father), the fear of losing a friend who could become a family during communication, and much more.

I like this book by many criteria and parameters, but I want to note one more important detail. The whole story that happens in To Kill a Mockingbird spans a period of approximately 4 years. The writer subtly conveyed that line between the worlds: children and adults. Over 4 years, we can notice what changes have occurred in the relationship between brother and sister. The children have matured and began to look at many things more rationally, not at all childish. Reading and observing this transition, it becomes a little sad because, in real life, we ​​do not notice these changes, only with time, looking back, we see how everything has changed dramatically.

Sometimes it seems to me that this book makes people learn to appreciate those moments in which we are. An example is even childhood. From the most conscious age, we only strive to grow up quickly to become an astronaut, scientist, or seller. We do not notice those pranks, the “ease” of life until the moment we grow up. 

In the conclusion of the review, I want to say that reading this book you will not regret it at all, it’s worth it. I tried to share with you those thoughts and emotions that visited me while reading. More than once, I realized that many books written earlier carry a very deep meaning, and it’s impossible not to appreciate it.

Final Words

We hope you enjoyed reading this To Kill a mockingbird summary. This book continues to be at its peak even after so many decades. An excursion into the depicted history will greatly improve any academic essay.

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