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Persuasive Essay Topics For All Students

June 28, 2020

There are a variety of ways to improve living standards both in small places and in the whole world. A modern student should be aware of the interesting and significant trends, highlighting the most compelling. First of all, it is worth noting that having a great topic for a future essay is not the only one. You also need to have a number of skills related to writing a variety of works, pay attention to every detail, and also to understand the formatting features. 

Various Persuasive Essay Topics For All Disciplines

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General Information

Before moving on to the list of the best persuasive essay topics, you should familiarize yourself with the specifics of this genre. Actually, the key aspects are the fact that this type of paper is aimed at revealing a specific problem and providing arguments that justify the position of the writer. In this context, the author’s best friend is logical storytelling. You should not be limited to simply presenting your own opinion. Remember to convince readers of its innocence.

This type of academic work is very common. It is not surprising since persuasive essays greatly enhance the skills of researching and formulating thoughts about a particular phenomenon. Another significant factor is the use of relevant sources.

Relationship With Argumentative Essay

Perhaps you have previously encountered the need to write argumentative papers and now want to deal with their distinction and similarities with persuasive. First, it should be noted that the basis of the latter is strong facts obtained as a result of a long and thorough study of the chosen topic. Actually, your first priority is to think through arguments.

Another important aspect is the availability of a more extensive list of the used sources due to the need to convince the audience of the thesis. You can resort to such techniques as:

  • logic;
  • cold facts;
  • different stories;
  • emotions;
  • social validation;
  • anecdotes.

All these aspects contribute to strengthening the advanced position.

A Few Words About Structure

The traditional persuasive essay format has about five paragraphs, among which are the following:

  • introductory part;
  • first body paragraph;
  • second body paragraph;
  • third body paragraph;
  • final part.

Of course, the volume of paper can be much larger due to the need to create a close relationship between the thesis statement or key argument and each new point.

A Little More About the Introductory Part

The main component of the introduction is the hook, which interests the reader from the first words. You can convert it into a form of citation, statistics, screaming facts, or even a joke. Once the goal is reached, and the attention of the audience is captured, your task is to indicate the direction. The final part of the intro should be the thesis statement. The main thing that needs to be highlighted is the strength and clear focus on revealing a specific phenomenon that you are exploring.

All in all, your persuasive essay is based on the intro. For this reason, your main goal is to choose a flashy and active position.

If you are confused and don’t know what to grab, don’t panic. Try asking a professor or other academic person for help. You can also look for leads in recent news and other sources of information. 

Briefly consider the format of the future paper for each of the available persuasive essay topics and make your choice.

Let’s Consider Body Paragraphs

The main body plays the role of filling your essay, the purpose of which is to provide specific beliefs that can make the reader agree with your position. As mentioned earlier, the minimum volume of this part is three paragraphs. Otherwise, the thesis statement may be too weak. Then you should return to the previous stages of work and focus on your point of view that needs to be developed.

The location of each new point, interconnected with the highlighted thesis, is a separate paragraph. Such elements as statistics or citations refer to the same part. You need to be sure of the quality of each aspect and the design of this.

It also indicates possible disagreements with the selected position. Try to predict the argument of the enemy and express your consent or not. This will greatly enhance your confidence.

Conclusion for the Persuasive Essay Topics

The task of the conclusion is to reinforce the earlier expressed thoughts and a call to continue the study in the chosen direction.

First of all, you need to repeat the thesis statement and the key components that were mentioned earlier. Thanks to this, you can update the proposed information in the reader’s memory. After that, you can proceed to the call of action and try to anticipate the development of research on this issue in the future.

Following these recommendations, you can create an excellent paper that will get a high result. Below we have presented some more tips that can help you in the process of writing work.

The Writing Process of A Magnificent Paper

  • First assignment after choosing a suitable topic is to think over your own point of view and ways to solve the outlined problems. This is the purpose of the paper.
  • Pay attention to your readers by asking what they think about your position.
  • Conduct the research. You need to collect sources from which you will draw information.
  • Draw a diagram of the work process. Decide on the evidence that will appear and engage in their ordering without forgetting about the goal and audience.

The Most Wonderful Persuasive Essay Topics

Finally, we got to the tastiest. Collected ideas can become the subject of future research or inspire to develop your own.

If We Talk About Sport

  • A variety of stereotypes associated with the competition.
  • Energy drinks are a huge health hazard.
  • A great athlete and a good coach are completely different activities.
  • Bodybuilding and possible dangers for women.
  • Chess is like a sports game.
  • The benefits of holding press conferences for athletes.
  • Playing sports as a way to deal with stressful situations.

When Music Is A Central Element

  • Depressive songs as a kind of call for suicide.
  • The problem of copyright infringement in the world of music.
  • The level of modern musicians is much lower than in the 70s.
  • IPod as the best invention for listening to music.
  • The World Wide Web and its contribution to the development of music.

What About Animals

  • The prohibition of hunting as a way of preserving many endangered species.
  • Zoos and circuses are cruel and immoral phenomena.
  • Cosmetics should not be tested on animals.
  • The relationship between poaching and the economy.
  • Pets must live outside.

If Persuasive Essay Topics Concerned Elementary Students

  • The problem of using gadgets in the classroom.
  • War is a terrifying phenomenon.
  • The process of moving from a country house to the capital.
  • Junk food should be banned.
  • The amount of homework is unacceptable.

Possible Ideas For High School Students

  • Listening to music helps you get homework done quickly.
  • Revaluation of values after a catastrophe.
  • The importance of time management.
  • The relationship between hobbies and specialization.
  • Kindness is the best trait of a human character.

What About Education

  • The benefits of distance learning.
  • The role of parents in the educational process.
  • The amount of homework should be reduced.
  • Seminars are a more important phenomenon than lectures.
  • Professors should also be tested regularly.

And, of Course, Science

  • Computer science as one of the most significant disciplines of our time.
  • Vaccines as a direct way to various diseases.
  • The immorality of cloning.
  • Man must be more careful with nature.
  • Human actions as a background of global warming.

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Specialized Drinks In The World Of Sports

For many people in modern conditions, physical activity is becoming an indispensable element of the lifestyle. A growing number of them, after work or study, are sent to fitness clubs and gyms to take care of health and figure. Over time, they begin to invest more and more money in their new lifestyle, buying, among other things, specialized sports drinks. Particular attention is paid to them by professional athletes who, with their sportsmanship, earn their living and who therefore have to use any legal opportunity to improve sports achievements.

The range of currently used biologically active components in sports drinks is quite wide. Most often, water-soluble vitamins and substances similar to them in their physiological effect are introduced into the composition of drinks, by analogy with energy drinks that are already widely used, especially among youth,

In case of insufficient solubility of the biologically active components used in water, special technological methods are used to create their stable emulsions or suspensions.

The number of biologically active substances included in the recipe for sports drinks is currently constantly expanding. The introduction of sports drinks, which are recommended to be used before exercise, in the heat, of a component such as glycerin, aims to provide benefits for the cardiovascular system of athletes. Water retention occurs in this case because glycerol molecules after its absorption by the body provoke a temporary increase in osmotic pressure, contributing to a temporary decrease in urination.

Among the disadvantages of the additional intake of glycerin in sports drinks include the possibility of violation of the subtle mechanisms of coordination of movements in athletes as a result of the presence of additional water in their muscles. In some cases, possible bloating, nausea, and headache are also called side effects of taking glycerin.

Drinks for fitness and sports should be used in the non-carbonated form. Carbonated drinks, in which carbon dioxide is additionally injected under pressure, can be drunk with pleasure during the day, but they should be avoided during exercise. Bubbles of gas released during this will fill the space in the stomach, giving a feeling of excessive fullness and, as a result, reduce the total amount of fluid consumed that the athlete can drink during and after exercise.

Recently, a great deal of attention has been paid by specialists to the creation of high sensory characteristics of drinks for fitness and sports. If an athlete does not like the taste of a sports drink, he will never drink enough of it. Drinks with a pleasant refreshing taste are able to maintain the desire to drink longer and thereby restore the water balance of the body of athletes more effectively. Currently, the methods and techniques for giving various tastes and aromas to drinks using natural and safe for the human body ingredients have reached a very high level of development.

As A Conclusion

Of course, these ideas are just a small pinch of a huge list of persuasive essay topics. Remember that sometimes the best option can find the author in the most unexpected moments. Be confident in yourself, and everything will be fine.

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