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Interesting Details Related to How to Cite a Youtube video

June 15, 2020

Creating the list of sources that you use in an academic paper is a very important part of the workflow. Often, video files may be among them. For this reason, you should learn how to cite a YouTube video, that is related to the following aspects:

  • Video Title;
  • The name of the user who posted this;
  • Publication Date;
  • Duration;
  • URL-address.

However, a variety of design requirements may depend on the used style. In this article, we will analyze each of them.

How to Cite a Youtube video: All You Need to Know

When It Comes to Different Style

Modern students have long ceased to be limited to paper and written resources, preferring a number of other formats. The latter contains the same amount of information, although it can convey it more easily. On the other hand, you should remember that new technologies pose new challenges. The emergence of such difficulties can be associated with different details. How to cite a Youtube video belongs to one of the most frequently asked questions. You can refer to quotes that appeared in the video, left comments, or even user accounts.

If any of the above components is missing, the duration of the study may increase. However, it should be emphasized that if the information was not found after completing the search, just don’t mention it. Check out the ready-made samples that we have collected below.

Uploader’s Last Name, First and Middle Initials. [Screen name]. (Year, Month, Day). Title of the video [Video]. Retrieved from

T2: Trainspotting. (2017). Retrieved from

When working with online video, your task is to register the author properly, if the latter is not identical to the artist who appears on this video material. An illustration of this aspect can be a video with an Emily Browning song called ‘Sweet Dreams’.

Despite the footage constructed from the scenes of ‘Sucker Puch’, where the girl plays the main role, the video would be cited by Mermaid Motel. It is explained by the fact that the reference should contain data about the uploader. Provided that as the full name and the alias used, there should be mentioned both variants, whereas the first place is given a full name. If you do not own it, the quote will look like this:

Screen name. (Year, Month, Day). Title of video [Video file]. Retrieved from…

Emily Browning – Sweet Dreams. (2016). Retrieved from

How to cite a Youtube video with creator data is the core of our next example.

Whitney, E. [GHOSTEMANE]. (2019, November 20). Gatteca [Video file]. Retrieved from

As well as the source where only a screen name is contained:

GHOSTEMANE. (2019, November 20). Gatteka [Video file] Retrieved from

If You Are Dealing With In-text Citation Format

In this case, the following materials should be used in your citation: 

(Uploader Last Name/Screen name, Year). 

And when the location is a piece of text:

‘Similar features are present in many other works of this singer’ (Grimes, 2012) or (Boucher, 2012). 

If We Talk About MLA Citation

In general, the format that is associated with this type of citation has common features with APA style, which we discussed above.

“Video Title” YouTube, uploaded by Screen Name. Day, Month, Year,

“Kavinsky – Nightcall (Drive Original Movie Soundtrack) (Official Audio)” YouTube, uploaded by RecordMakers. 21 September, 2011,

If the person who posted the video is not the original author, the design will be:

Author’s Last, First Name. “Video Title.” YouTube, uploaded by Screen Name. Day, Month, Year,

Emily Browning. “Sweet Dreams.” YouTube, uploaded by Mermaid Motel, 3 September 2016,

When you interact with a source, the author of which is unknown or the uploader and executor are one and the same person:

“THIRD DAY OF A SEVEN DAY BINGE.” YouTube, uploaded by Marilyn Manson, 10 July 2015, 

The Workflow With In-text Citation

The defining aspect of formatting in this context is the author’s last name. Simply put, you will need to mention everything that can be seen in the quotation on the Works Cited List. If you are interested in a special part of the file, one of the MLA style requirements is specifying the time that related to this interval.

In-text citation when the author is known is as follows:

(Last name, 00:01:28 – 00:02:11).

(Sivan, 00:01:15 – 00:01:28).

In the absence of the author or if the uploader = author:

(“Video Title,” 00:01:30 – 00:01:47).

(“BANANA BRAIN,” 00:03:48 – 00:04:31).

Let’s Consider Chicago Style

If the assignment is to format your citation in this manner, use the following structure:

“Video’s name” mention Youtube, length, “brand or publisher”, date and, of course, URL.

“Fixing a Frozen Trommel | Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine,” YouTube video, 3:02, posted by “Discovery,” December 21, 2012,

Also, your reference may look like this:

Marshmello x Lil Peep – Spotlight (Official Music Video). Marshmello, 2018.

Some General Tips Related to How to Cite a YouTube Video

The modern studying process, regardless of specialization, very often contains familiarization with various films or video materials. This can be either historical and scientific films, or the work of famous musicians, scientists, writers and representatives of many other areas. Nevertheless, you should not forget about the relevance of the selected sources and pay due attention to all necessary aspects.

Moreover, you can even do your own experiments related to the natural sciences, record on video, and upload to YouTube. The cultural heritage of various creative personalities is a very significant way of reconstructing the culture and life of the country of which they are citizens.

One such illustration could be the work of ‘This Is America’, authored by contemporary artist Donald Glover with the pseudonym ‘Childish Gambino.’ This is a great part of the reconstruction of US culture. Among the many academic papers, there are very different works, citing of which also requires conformity with certain styles as:

  • APA Style. Ohlendorf, K. R. (2016). On the Internet by Means of Popular Music: The Cases of Grimes and Childish Gambino.
  • MLA Format. Cookney, D. J., and Kirsty Fairclough. “Childish Gambino: This is America uses music and dance to expose society’s dark underbelly.” The Conversation (2018).
  • other options.

Huge Spectrum of Magnificent Topics

As previously mentioned, the question of how to cite a Youtube video is not limited to studying the features and pitfalls of the process of formatting a list of selected sources or fragments. The subject of your research may concern absolutely any phenomenon. Below we presented a small pinch of possible ideas, the nature of which differs significantly. 

  • Different features of ‘zef’-culture and Die Antwoord as a bright phenomenon of it.
  • Interactive videos and the impact of this on the level of the educational process.
  • The effect of psychedelics on the human mind.
  • Using puns in stand-up comedies.
  • Lucid dreams and their manifestations in different cultures.
  • Historical background and current state of the wave shock technique.
  • The subject of modern culture in the heritage of Quentin Tarantino.
  • Fanfiction and key features of the phenomenon.
  • Understanding of manga, cosplay, and other branches of anime.
  • Stephen King as a great representative of the terrible aesthetics.

Pay Attention To Our Ready Text

Sometimes paper can be completely based on watching videos. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the sample and formatting of the used sources.

Celebrating in Different Provinces of China

One of the videos shows a Chinese family preparing for the spring holiday. First, a small veranda is decorated with traditional paper decorations, as well as rectangular red posters with black hieroglyphs. The next step is to prepare many dishes, including soups, fish, vegetables, meat, and more. In addition, the serving process needs special delineation. In particular, potatoes are laid out in the shape of a cube and drizzled with sauce. The girl decorated the vegetable puree with shrimp in the form of flashlights. Absorbing food, the authors launch a small salute tape. (Dianxi Xiaoge “Life in this here remains peaceful as always. Sincerely wish everyone a safe Spring Festival.” 2020)

The second video shows the family preparing for the stew pork festival. After the members slaughtered the pig, its parts became an ingredient of a variety of dishes. Many vegetables and greens are used for dressing culinary products. In addition, the latter plays an important role in the decoration of the dish. Many small bowls with culinary masterpieces feature a large meat dish. (Dianxi Xiaoge “An Annual Pork Stew Feast is a Must-Have in Winter Months” 2019)

The third video is dedicated to the preparation for the Chinese New Year, one of the stages of which is the preparation of a dish called “baba”, the main ingredient of which is boiled rice. The latter is cut into the dough using a special wooden hammer, the mechanism of action of which depends on water. Thanks to this, several types of dishes were made. Among them are flowers, fish, sausages, and pancakes. Concluding the video, the girl emphasizes the possibility of using them as a stand-alone dish, fried on the fire, or stew, soups, and more. (Dianxi Xiaoge “A Must-have for Chinese New Year – Pounded Babas” 2020)

During the watching the fourth video, you can see the family prepare for New Year’s Eve. Among the ornaments again appear flashlights and other decorations of the traditional red color. Like the spring holiday, many culinary masterpieces appear on the table. The fifth video shows the preparation of another family. The house is decorated with red lanterns and posters. The next step is cooking, for which four roosters were killed, as well as goose, pork sausages, and crabs. Like the previous family, a large number of vegetables are used to decorate the table. However, the decorating process is not so meticulous. (Miao Aduo cuisine “New Year’s Eve in Miao’s house, 4 chickens and 1 goose with bacon sausage” 2020) 

Watching the latest video, you can get acquainted with the preparation for the holiday. Despite the lack of a grand meal, on the table, you can see the cakes with which the heroine treated friends and family members. (Dianxi Xiaoge “For new year’s Dinner, what do you eat?” 2019) In general, the main points depicted in the videos are as follows:

  • The people of China love to decorate the facades of the house on the occasion of various festivals and celebrations.
  • A common phenomenon is a variety of fireworks.
  • All dishes are prepared by hand without the use of electronic devices.
  • Representatives of the younger generation interact respectfully and politely with the older ones. The celebration of events takes place with the participation of all family members.
  • There is a wide variety of edible masterpieces that include fish, animal or plant products.
  • It is very common to cook using a deep-frying pan, while steamed dishes are prepared using a bamboo steamer placed in it.

Reverence List

  1. Life in This Here Remains Peaceful as Always. Sincerely Wish Everyone a Safe Spring Festival., Dianxi Xiaoge, 25 Jan. 2020,
  2. An Annual Pork Stew Feast Is a Must-Have in Winter Months, Dianxi Xiaoge, 26 Dec. 2019,
  3. A Must-Have for Chinese New Year – Pounded Babas, Dianxi Xiaoge, 23 Jan. 2020,
  4. New Year’s Eve in Miao’s House, 4 Chickens and 1 Goose with Bacon Sausage, Miao Aduo Cuisine, 26 Jan. 2020,

5. For New Year’s Dinner, What Do You Eat?, Dianxi Xiaoge, 6 Feb. 2019,

Final Tip

Perhaps at first, it may seem that sorting out all the important gears of how to cite a YouTube video is a very difficult task. However, this is not so. Just be patient, and everything will be framed in the best possible way.

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